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on being thankful

When negativity starts to run rampant throughout your mind, stop to take notice of your blessings.

Things I am thankful for right now:

The dogs that I got to pet at the YMCA 5k.
The emails that I get from my wife
The reconnection with an old friend over music
The awesome family dinner on my dad's birthday
That Marty Estes overcame his hospital visit a while back
That my extended family has grown again
That God sees through my failures
The quesadillas at Market Street Fountain
That hockey season is almost here
The Beatles albums

Ah, feeling better already.

I Don't Know What Amazes Me More...

...that Teen #1 will kick over a drink and then stand up and walk away.


that Teen #2 will walk in and stand in a puddle of Sprite without doing anything about it because, "hey, I didn't kick it over."

The Mayor is fed up with his tv...

...and all the lies that it tells. He bought that body wash but the girls just ignored him all the same.

The Reviews Are In!

See what others are saying about!

"This is the best site on the internet, you are such a smart boy" - Jeremy's mom

"It isnt the worst site Ive ever seen" - Jeremy himself

"Stop looking at me, you are creeping me out" - lady in line at Walmart

It Aint Easy Being Green

So here we are, a million cars idling in line as we wait for our emissions test. Oh The Irony.

The Mayor Prayed For Rain...

...but this is ridiculous